Thursday, August 27, 2015

What it means to be a Stay@home daughter

I`m a daughter who has graduated High School years ago. I keep getting the same question from almost everyone I meet. What are you going to do with your life? For some time I would dread hearing it because I knew when I told them the answer what the general response would be. I want to one day be a wife and a mother, which I believe is the highest calling for any godly woman. In the meantime however, I am a Stay@home daughter. When I tell people that they imagine a girl who either sits at home lazing the days away, or a girl who is a slave-girl forced to be stuck at home. Neither I can a sure you is true. It was my choice to live this life, and it is a very fulfilling one. It means that I have time to help out at our church events, do things for the elderly friends from church who can`t do certain things, and ( most importantly) help my family.  I live a very busy life, and meet all kinds of people everyday. While I`m not married I live under my Daddy`s protection, and will wait till I find the right man to marry.Until then though I try my best to help out where I can. I may get people, even  well-meaning family members, who think that I need to get out from under my parents thumb. They think that because I`m still living at home that my parents control everything I do. My parents don`t control me. They give guidance, but then it`s up to me to make up my mind. Most of the time I have to ask for the guidance because they aren`t wanting to push me a certain way, but let me decide what to do. I love this time while I am still single to spend time with my Dad building the guinea pen, in the kitchen cooking with my mom and sister, or listening to elderly friends teach what they know. Don`t get me wrong, I am not wanting to stay single forever and it`s not always easy. I`m just learning a few things along the way.  My time is very precious with these people who are my family and friends because one day I will be too busy with a family of my own. One day these older friends won`t be around, and I may not always live close enough to my family to see them whenever I want. God has placed me where I am for a purpose! I will keep on this path until He shows me another one He is guiding me towards. Do I think every single girl should be a Stay@home daughter? If God leads you to, yes, but not every girl is. Just make sure that you are following the calling God is placing on your life. If you have any questions about Stay@home daughters please leave a comment.